Company DREWDOM-Mętel was established in 1991.

From the beginning we dealt with general construction work, particularly with those with dominant share of wood. We started to construct houses in the technology of light wood frame in 1996 and since then we build houses only in this technology.

The owner of DREWDOM-Mętel - MSc. Wojciech Mętel comes from a family related to forestry and wood processing for almost a hundred years. Grandfather was a forester since the twenties of the twentieth century, and his father ran a small backyard sawmill. The Mętel Family has always lived in wooden houses. The family house is already 80 years old. Any structural elements have been ever replaced, only in the past few years a roof was reconstructed for aesthetic reasons and walls were paneled with larch planks. The owner lives in the house, which was made in the technology of light wooden frame. It is a 190-square-meter house with basement and attic.

Company DREWDOM-Mętel is a small, family-owned company constructing yearly about 20 houses, but the number of orders exceeds the capabilities of the company. For this reason the company is constantly developing and investing primarily in training staff in order to provide a high quality of services. The company is flexible and effective. It all makes we can effectively implement our market mission established since the beginning:

"To build the best quality houses according to individual projects. Serve the customer with advice and assistance at all stages of design and construction."

We provide a 10 year warranty on the structure provide a 3-years building service.

Company DREWDOM-Mętel is a member of "The Association of Wooden House" dealing with:

  • promotional activities aimed at popularizing the idea of a wooden house,
  • gathering reliable and valid companies,
  • introduction of a quality label for wooden buildings,
  • development of Polish requirements for wood construction.

The owner maintains continuous contact with the Wooden Construction Centre in Gdansk, where he raises his qualification by participating in training and exchanging experience. At DREWDOM-Mętel are no compromises when it comes to the quality of work and materials. Employees have extensive experience in construction work and materials used are in accordance with the standards and have the required approvals. All employees are involved with the company for several years. Their knowledge of the light wood frame technology and the experience is great. The team implementing the construction work is accommodated on the site in caravans and is fully self-sufficient in terms of welfare.

We build high quality houses of the best materials available on the European market. Our homes are warm, energy-efficient, durable, made of eco-friendly materials.

We are at your disposal - Wojciech Mętel


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